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High Performance

Rebuild Overhaul

We offer rebuild overhauld service kits on all vehichle transmissions. Our kits consist of high quality bearings, gaskets and oil seals to complete your transmission overhaul.
Best Branded


We only supply bearings from the industry leading brands ensuring that the highest quality bearings are used for your transmission repair.
High Quality

Aftermarket Gears

We stock many transmission parts including synchro mesh hubs and rings, idler gears, selector forks and individual gears.


Our Prices are based on Original Branded High Quality Bearings

We understand the time, cost and effort it takes to overhaul your transmission unit, therefore our company has always ensured that quality and performance of our parts remain the highest standard possible.


Competitive Prices

Our prices are competitive on the market. We offer only the best brands for all our parts, including our aftermarket gear sets, oil seals and gaskets.


Trading Online for over 15 Years

Our reputation for selling transmission parts online for over 15 years on our website and eBay we have retained our positive feedback from all our customers assuring you that our parts are of the highest quality and performance standard.

High Quality Bearing Brands Supplied