About Our Company

Who we are?
Autogear Transmissions Limited specialises in supply and distribution of transmission vehicle parts for gearbox and differential units. We stock a large inventory of gearbox and differential transmission parts for classic and modern vehicles for all major car brands.
Our company has over 40 years of technical engineering experience and knowledge in rebuilding gearboxes and differential units for all major car brands. Autogear Transmissions Limited has been trading online since 2005 and we have built a successful online reputation within the eBay community selling transmission parts across the world.
As more transmission parts are now becoming widely available online at cheaper prices, there are many aftermarket parts that are poorly produced in quality and have design flaws causing problematic fitting issues and cheap material build which causes the product not last long over time. Our reputation speaks for itself as we have been major suppliers of transmission parts for several years only supplying high quality branded bearings, gasket and oil seals, for your transmission unit.

Our parts are intended to be used for performance based application and kit car projects, so we only use the best suppliers in the market for transmission parts. We specialise in overhaul solutions for British Classic Sport cars and have been doing so in the industry trade for over 40 years.

We also rebuild gearboxes and differentials for all major car vehicles. Over the years Autogear Transmissions has been rebuilding many gearboxes/diffs for kit car and racing application projects. For any enquires about our work or quotations please contact our sales team.
What we do?
* Supply overhaul repair kits [bearings, gaskets and oil seals] for all major car brands.
* Supply transmission hard parts like gears, hubs and syncros for all major car brands.
* Online sales of gearbox and differential units based on exchange and outright sales.
* Rebuild and repair transmission services for pricate and trade customers.
Rebuild Transmission Gearbox and Differentials in Stock

We have a wide range of transmission gearboxes and differential units in stock, ready to ship direct from our warehouse. We can build and modify transmission units to user specification depending on availability of parts. If your transmission unit is not in stock our turnaround time for rebuilding a gearbox or differential unit is anytime between 1 to 7 days. We undertake all repair work to your transmission unit if you have the exchange unit.

Fast and Efficient Rebuild Repair Service
We undertake all manual transmission repair work. If there's a problem with your transmission unit, we can help! Call us, or email us so we can identify the problem. Our technical team will decide what the best solution available is. You can either drop your faulty unit at our workshop or we can arrange for a courier company to collect. We also deliver worldwide.
After Sales and Technical Assistance

Is your transmission unit making noise? Problematic when changing gear? Leaking oil? These are just some of the common problems that are associated with your transmission unit. We are here to help! You can contact us on 0203 651 3037 or email us at sales@autogear.co.uk