Nissan Primstar PK5 Gearbox Bearing Rebuild Repair Kit

  • The product featured is a overhaul rebuild and repair kit for the Nissan Primstar PK5 gearbox transmission unit. *Please Note - You must supply your bearing numbers when placing your order. Bearing numbers are located on the inner and outer sleeve of the bearing. The bearing sizes vary on the PK / PF Range gearboxes due to the year and model your vehicle was manufactured. You may have steel or plastic caged bearings therefore it is possible that some of the bearings are more expensive in price which will be added before shipping your overhaul kit.
  • Autogear Limited rebuild, overhaul and repair kits consist of only major branded bearings, premium quality aftermarket oil seals, ensuring high quality performance and durability for your transmission application.
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Nissan Primstar PK5 Gearbox Bearing Rebuild Repair Kit

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The item contents consist of 1x Primary Shaft Front Bearing, 1 Primary Shaft Rear Bearing, 2x Secondary Shaft Front Bearing, 2x Secondary Shaft Rear Bearing, 2x Differential Carrier Bearing Set (Large and Small), 1x Gearbox Oil Seal Set.

Based on the 5 speed PK5 gearbox transmission this item fits the following car manufacturer and models:

NISSAN: PRIMASTAR 2.0 16V (2002-2007+), 1.9 DCI(2002-2007), 2.5 DCI (2003-2007) and all PK5 gearbox transmission models.

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